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Tommy Olivencia


Early years Ángel Tomás "Tommy" Olivencia Pagán was born in the Villa Palmeras section of Santurce, Puerto Rico. His family moved to the city of Arecibo when he was just a child. He received his primary and secondary education in Arecibo. As a young man, he became fascinated with the trumpet and learned to play the musical instrument. In 1954, Olivencia sang and played the trumpet for local bands. He graduated from high school in 1957 and his family relocated once again to Santurce. Puertorrican Salsa DJ Yun Yun Echevarria interviews Tommy Olivencia (1980s)

Albums Tommy Olivencia

14 played on Radionomy

  • La Primerisima

  • La Herencia

  • El Negro Chombo

  • Introducing Lalo Rodriguez/Simon Perez

  • Introducing Lalo Rodriguez & Simon Perez

  • Exitos Eternos

  • Plante Bandera

  • Pura Salsa

  • La Herencia - Tommy Olivencia

  • Serie 32

  • Rodven Clasico: Tommy Olivencia Y Su Orquesta "30 Aniversario"

  • Serie Millennium: Tommy Olivencia

  • Oro Salsero 10 Exitos

  • 10 Exitos, Vol.2