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Adalberto Santiago

Adalberto Santiago

Adalberto Santiago is a salsa singer.He was born in Barrio Pozas in Ciales, Puerto Rico. Adalberto's relaxed and flawless lead vocals are among the best in so-called salsa, and for over two decades he has sessioned as a coro (chorus) singer on countless New York recordings. His early influences included the great Cuban vocalists Beny Moré and Miguelito Cuní (b. 8 May 1920, Pinar del Río, Cuba, d. 5 March 1984, Havana, Cuba). Santiago started his professional career singing with trios and playing bass and guitar. After stints with the bands of Chuíto Vélez, Willie Rodríguez and Willie Rosario, his career really took off when he joined Ray Barretto's band. Between 1966 and 1972, Adalberto made seven studio albums with Ray Barretto. In late 1972, Adalberto and four other members of Barretto's band departed to found Típica 73. He appeared on three of their albums before disagreement over musical direction led him, and three other band members, to split during the mid-70s to form Los Kimbos. Meanwhile, Santiago sang lead vocals on two critically acclaimed charanga albums, Fantasía Africana/African Fantasy and Our Heritage - Nuestra Herencia, by flautist, composer and producer Lou Pérez.Los Kimbos were reputed to be a tough working band and had a sound reminiscent of both the pre-split Ray Barretto band and Tipica 73. With them, Adalberto recorded 1976's Los Kimbos and The Big Kimbos With Adalberto Santiago in 1977. That year he made his solo debut on Adalberto, which was produced by Ray Barretto and contained two of his own compositions. Los Kimbos continued under the leadership of timbales player Orestes Vilató and released two further albums- Hoy y Mañana (1978) and Aquacero No Me Moja (1979). Santiago sang lead on one track on Louie Ramírez y Sus Amigos by Louie Ramírez. In 1979, Adalberto and Ramírez co-produced his solo follow-up, Adalberto Featuring Popeye El Marino. The same year, he reunited with Ray Barretto on Rican/Struction. Ray produced Adalberto's next solo album, Feliz Me Siento, the following year. Sonora Matancera member, Javier Vázquez, produced, arranged, directed and played piano on the rootsy Adalberto Santiago, which was Adalberto's contribution to the early 80s típico (typical) revival. In 1982, he teamed up with bandleader/bongo player Roberto Roena for Super Apollo 47:50. Santiago co-produced Calidad with Papo Lucca, who also played piano, arranged one track and oversaw musical direction. His Cosas Del Alma was an album of lush boleros which included his third recorded version of the classic "Alma Con Alma" (previously contained on Barretto's The Message and Gracias ). He returned to harder-edged urban salsa in 1985 on Más Sabroso.Adalberto did his own mature version of salsa romántica on the classy Sex Symbol, with production, arrangements, musical direction and piano by the ubiquitous Isidro Infante. In 1990, he again performed 'Alma Con Alma', this time arranged by Infante in a salsa romántica style for Louie Ramírez's second album entitled Louie Ramírez y Sus Amigos. In 1993, Adalberto sang lead vocals on the album De Nuevo, recorded in Mexico by Sonora Matancera. Santiago has written songs for a number of the albums on which he has appeared, both as bandleader and solo artist, and provided compositions for other artists to record, such as Joe Cuba. Adalberto has remained true to his Latin roots and a statement he made in 1977 is still relevant in the 90s: "I want to bring a truly Latin message to the people; this is what I do best and the structure of Latin music is best suited to my singing style".On January 2, 2013, it was announced that Santiago was going to be taking part in Alfredo De La Fe's and Rodry-Go's new production, Sin Límites.SoloAdalberto. Fania Records; 1977Adalberto Santiago Featuring Popeye El Marino. Fania Records JM 536; 1979Feliz Me Siento. Fania Records; 1980Adalberto Santiago. 1981Calidad. 1982Cosas del Alma. WSCD 4163, 1984Más Sabroso. Budda Records 011; 1985.Sex Symbol. Mayor 001; 1989.Hay Algo en Ella. JV Music 001; 1991.FirmeWith Ray BarrettoRay Barretto. Latino Con Soul. WS Latino 4053; 1966.Ray Barretto. Acid. Fania Records LP 346; 1967.Ray Barretto. Hard Hands. Fania Records LP 362; 1968.Ray Barretto. Together. Fania Records LP 378; 1969.Ray Barretto. Barretto Power. 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