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Zap Mama


Zap Mama was originally an all-female a cappella quintet founded by Marie Daulne, a Belgian artist with roots in Zaire/Democratic Republic of Congo. Since the release of 7 in 2002, Daulne's Zap Mama project has evolved into a 7 person band with two backup singers, keyboards, bass, drums and percussion/decks. The music is jazz, RnB, cabaret and beatboxing all at once! Daulne's cross-genre style might be the product of an interesting and varied past: Her father, a white Belgian, was killed during the revolution of 1960 while her mother was pregnant with her.

Albums Zap Mama

16 played on Radionomy

  • Non, Non, Non [Aqua Queen Remix]

  • ReCreation

  • Dans le zahi

  • Supermoon

  • A Ma Zone

  • Ancestry In Progress - Disc 1 / Zap Mama Disc - 2

  • Adventures in Afropea 1

  • Seven

  • Sabsylma

  • Ancestry in Progress

  • Bandy Bandy

  • 7

  • Adventures in Afropea, Vol. 1

  • Push It to the Max EP

  • Iko Iko

  • Zap Mama