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Mihalis Safras

Mihalis Safras

Mihalis Safras (Greek: ???a??? Saf???), born in Athens in October 1979, is a Greek third-wave techno artist, producer and club DJ from Athens. His style has been described as Tech-House and Techno with prog influences. He co-founded the Material Series record label with Mark Broom in 2005. In 2013 he had released his third solo album and his music has also released music through Toolroom Records, Skint Records and Great Stuff. Notably, Michalis Safras' single 'La Samba' was used by Apple Inc. for an iPhone marketing campaign.On the DJ pages of, the online music magazine, it is stated that there is:"Not much to say about the Athenian DJ/producer and mastermind behind the Material Series. Mihalis Safras is considered to be one of the most high-profiled artists and the most productive techno producer on the planet." goes on to say in an abridged biography that:"... his life in music scene began in the late 90s, where Mihalis lead the booming techno scene in Greece while working in the most notorious venues of Athens (Umatic). It was there that Mihalis 'alliance' with the triumvirate of Mark Broom grow hid passion for dynamic and versatile techno which inevitably led him to produce a whole vast of dance music, which is continued until today. Being the owner of the respected label Material and its sublabels (Material limited & Saf Series), he continues to delivers smashing tunes to the dancefloors."


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