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Lord Kossity

Lord Kossity

Thierry Moutoussamy (born 1 January 1973), better known as Lord Kossity, is a French musician. His family is originally from Martinique but he was born in Paris, France and moved back to the French Antilles with his family when he was 11 years old. He began his career in the '90s with the group Contrast, with his cousin, Dr G-Kill. He started incorporating ragga music with the zouk style later in the '90s, and has since recorded a number of albums and collaborated with Suprême N.T.M., Vybz Kartel, Shaggy, Bounty Killer, adult movie star Clara Morgane and Elephant Man. He sold 4,230,000 records.BiographyFrench hip-hop front-runner Lord Kossity began his recording career in the early '90s as a member of the group Contrast, alongside his cousin Dr G-Kill. His introduction of raga into the zouk music that dominated French Antilles' radio made him an artist to watch early on, making his mark on the local recording industry in 1993. Though he was born in the suburbs of Paris, his parents returned to live in their native islands when Lord Kossity was a child. Having lived in the Caribbean since the age of 11, he made a bold move in 1995 in returning to the city of his birth to seek out fame in Europe's rapidly emerging hip-hop community. His debut work with Suprême N.T.M., Ma Benz, got Kossity noticed by Paris' major players almost right away. Lord Kossity started up with established artists like Joey Starr in his group B.O.S.S. and with Kool Shen in his group IV My People before ultimately signing a deal for the release of his solo record Everlord (2000). Recorded in France and Jamaica, the album demonstrated Lord Kossity to be an artist of a different stripe, staying true to his French Caribbean roots. The Real Don (2001) and Koss City (2002) were similarly successful. Lord Kossity's mainstream breakthrough album Booming System (2005) earned him a slot at the top of several national charts and placed in Billboard's Top European 100 category. Subsequent releases Jamaican World (2005) and Danger Zone (2006) have managed to maintain the artist's momentum, now enjoying status as one of France's premier hip-hop acts.


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