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Richard Hawley


Richard Hawley, (born Sheffield, United Kingdom) is a critically acclaimed guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. Hawley initially found success as a member of Britpop band Longpigs in the 1990's, and formerly Treebound Story. When a drug-filled torpor after an extensive tour of America brought the band to the brink of extinction in 1997, Hawley was asked to play with Pulp by his close friend and Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker.

Albums Richard Hawley

14 played on Radionomy

  • Open Up Your Door

  • Truelove's Gutter

  • Lady's Bridge EP

  • Valentine

  • Serious

  • Lady's Bridge

  • Tonight The Streets Are Ours (Acoustic Version)

  • Tonight The Streets Are Ours

  • Just Like The Rain (US EP)

  • Ocean

  • The Ocean

  • Richard Hawley

  • Lowedges

  • Late Night Final