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Biography on Fitzgerald "Stratus" GordonI was born in Sandy Bay, Clarendon were I'd attended The Garvey Macoe High School. I was fourteen (14) years when I had decided that I wanted to do music. Not only because I was grown up in the music industry but because nothing else seems to have made me felt good. Coming from family of a Christian back ground, and being reminded that the frog were plague in the early years in the Bible I decide I didn't want nobody remember me as any plague, so I decided to change my name from The "Krazy Froggy the gyrlz dem dolly" to "Stratus the girls dem Jelly Cup" and now am a Singer. I've preformed on Stage Shows and on Sound System such as Ram jam (Island Explosion), Reggae Extravaganza, King Bozak, Kilimanjaro, Metro Media and Star One just to name a few. I've been in production with well know Producer such as Steele and Clive, Sky High and Pyramid just to name some of them, that I was on there Labels'. I've was signed to Pyramid, Steele and Clive.I choose to move on with my music career with JE productions Recording Studio under the Management of Vuraldo Barnett in order for me to climb to the Top of the Tree, from then and there I knew that I would final be publicized.


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