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HistoryThe band is heavily influenced by Manowar both musically and lyrically, and even had former Manowar guitarist Ross "The Boss" Friedman appear on their second album, Sword & Sorcery.They call their music True Metal (which is a common term in the Heavy Metal scene for traditional heavy metal or power metal with idealized, traditional and fantasy based lyrics and stage-appearance) and the band is usually dressed in leather. The band leader Tarek Maghary also organizes a festival called Keep It True. It is named after a song from Metal Force and features traditional heavy metal bands, often reunions or rare appearances of US metal bands.Tarek Maghary is also the author of the Dawnrider project, a metal concept album featuring many other musicians like Rob Rock, Ross The Boss, Michael Seifert (Rebellion). Other contributors are from Manilla Road, Wizard, Helstar and Paragon.During Magic Circle Festival 2008 the band announced that they had changed their name from "Majesty" to "Metal Force". However, in 2011 they announced that they were once again continuing as "Majesty".In 2013 they released a new album, Banners High.


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