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Revolution is a hard-hitting, fast-paced, rock trio, poised to change how the music scene defines "rock". With their signature chord structures and catchy guitar riffs accompanied by passionate vocal melodies and experimental drum beats, Revolution strives to take a step past the norm. Revolution's music is very well put together and extensively thought out. They explore many different avenues of music to bring a new and distinctive sound to the stage. Each song is different and has a completely unique sound, but even in their diversity, there is a unity about them that gives a strong sense of coherence.Revolution's debut EP "Never the End" is a defining album. From the very first measure of the in-your-face, "We Will Fight", to the last moment of the almost mystical sounding "Never the End", you will be immersed in some of the most assertive music to ever hit the scene. The songs "More Than This" and "Moving On" really drive home Revolution's punchy sing-along style, adding captivating lead guitar riffs. They also push the limits of rock with hardcore influences in songs like "Everything" when they scream "You're Everything I need" following it up with one of the most intense breakdowns from any rock band. In "Never the End", Revolution somehow manages to slow things down while maintaining heaviness, blending orchestral strings with extremely intense guitar and drum tracks. The bridge of "Never the End" is potentially the most significant part of the entire album, musically and lyrically. Set from Christ's perspective, the lyrics "Did you know that I took these scars for you, so you wouldn't have to?" bring you face to face with Revolution's crystal clear message. As Vocalist/Guitarist Jonathan Glisson states, "If I had to sum up our purpose in one sentence, it would be first to show a dying world the truth that Jesus Christ is the only real answer and secondly to challenge Christians to take their faith to a new level."Although they have been playing together for a few years, Revolution is fairly new in the Memphis music scene; however, this hasn't kept them from gaining a reputation as a solid group. Part of their purpose as a band is to "bring rock back". They believe that the Memphis music scene is not as conducive to rock bands as it used to be. "With metal being the predominate genre of local music," says drummer Joel Camp, "we want to spice the scene up a bit with catchy rock music that doesn't hold anything back. We want to bring something new to the table without ignoring our hardcore influences."With their wide variety of musical abilities and different styles, Revolution has a lot of potential to bring something totally new and refreshing to the music scene. Get them off stage and off their instruments, and you will find that they are just normal people who love to hang out and talk. They like to have a good time. As bassist Danielle Stevens says, "Playing with Revolution has been a great experience. It's funny because people are always asking me ‘don't you play in a rock band?' It's a great opportunity to talk to people, but as a result, we've become known as the ‘band with the chick.'" "We want to get to know you," says Jonathan Glisson, "Come to a show and hang out. Listen to our music. We promise you won't be disappointed."


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