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MAXX (1993-1995) was a German eurodance-act, produced by David Brunner a.k.a. The Hitman and the producer-team "The Movement", consisting of Jürgen Wind a.k.a. George Torpey, Frank Hassas a.k.a. Dakota O'Neill & Olaf Jeglitza a.k.a. O-Jay. The initial vocalists of MAXX were rapper Boris Köhler a.k.a. Gary Bokoe & singer Eliz Yavuz a.k.a. Alice Montana, although Yavuz was only lipsyncing the vocals which belonged to singer Samira Besic.

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7 played on Radionomy

  • To The Maxximum

  • You Can Get It

  • desirewaiting

  • here/gone/hello/goodbye

  • abc anarchy

  • Get-A-Way

  • No More