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BiographyAfter having already recorded a German cover version of Snow's "Informer", rapper Boris Köhler teamed up with the producer and songwriter Juergen Wind, Frank Hassas (Quickmix), David Brunner (Hitman) and Jeglitza to produce "Get-A-Way".
Jeglitza moved on to other projects.
Köhler, under the stage name of Gary B, performed the ragamuffin rap, and a female singer Samira Besic produced the vocals for the chorus.
It was a dancefloor hit all over Europe, peaking at No.
11 at their home of Germany, while entering the top-5 in the UK, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands, the single entered the top-10 in Switzerland and Norway.
"Get-A-Way" eventually reached a Gold status in Germany for selling over 250,000, and in the UK, it was certified with a Silver-certification-award for selling over 200,000 units.
Samira Besic, who had at the peak of Maxx's career left the act for a solo career, was replaced by Linda Meek.The second single "No More (I Can't Stand It)" which was as successful as its predecessor, entered the top-10 in Germany, UK, Austria and Norway, while entering the top-5 in The Netherlands and Sweden.
The third single "You Can Get It" followed, as well as the album entitled To the Maxximum, but their success was short-lived.
The fourth single "I Can Make You Feel Like" off the same album was a flop charting only in UK at No.
56, and another single released in 1995 called "Move Your Body" managed to chart only in Austria peaking at No.
18 and in Finland at No.16.


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