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L.A. Style

L.A. Style

CareerThe group was fronted by Rapper/Singer/Songwriter & Producer FX AKA Eazee F & The BFD (real name Frans Zid Merkx). Wessel van Diepen was known for his skill in bringing a different sound to dance and mixing that with the talents of the lead artist FX. At the time L.A. Style followed up the huge success of International hit "James Brown is Dead" with the smash hit 'I'm Raving'. L.A. Style appeared on 'MTV 'The Grind' and toured extensively all over North America, Asia & Europe with massive success. FX [also known as The Godfather of Techno\] and Wessel van Diepen helped pushed the boundaries of dance music to another level where it was acceptable to mix Rap, Rock & Techno and for all genres and people to come together.They released a self-titled album as well as other singles, but despite massive success overseas as well as dance club play, L.A. Style's moment faded after the departure of the lead artist FX Frans Zid Merkx and they quickly faded and dispersed in 1995. In recent years the group has again come to the attention of the pop world and rumors are that the group could be reformed with the original line up of FX as lead artist. Since the time of L.A. Style Wessel van Diepen continues to be one of the most sought after radio DJ's in The Netherlands and FX has been working with the main producer and old friend behind DJ Chukie Fabian Lennsen.


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L.A. Style - Got To Move (Short Cut Mix)

Got To Move (Short Cut Mix)