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De jeugd van tegenwoordig


De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig ("Kids These Days") is a group formed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2005. The group is a 4-piece made up of Vieze Fur a.k.a. Vieze Freddie (Freddie Tratlehner), P. Fabergé (Pepijn Lanen), Willie Wartaal a.k.a. WiWa (Ollicio Locadia) and 'de Neger des Heils' (Bas Bron). They are known most notably for their chart-topping single Watskeburt?!, which then became Dutch slang for "what's up?!". In 2005 they released their debut album named Parels voor de zwijnen (pearls before swine*), featuring raps containing rather esoteric lyrics full of (partially made up) street language. With comical lyrics and an attitude telling they do not take themselves too seriously, they gained a unique position in the Dutch rap scene. Their main themes are alcohol, sex and drugs.

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