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Michael Woods

Michael Woods

HistoryInitially known as Warrior, Michael Woods had his first hits in 2000 with the debut single "Warrior" and the follow-up "Voodoo". "Warrior" achieved a No. 1 ranking in the UK Club Chart, and also did well in the top 40, entering at #19. "Voodoo" also reached top 40. He also released ambient trance singles on Lost Language under the name Accadia.Woods became widely known for the songs "If U Want Me" (2003), featuring Australian model Imogen Bailey, and "Solex (Close To The Edge)" (2003), featuring vocals by Juliette Jaimes, known best for her Holly Valance cover, "Kiss Kiss" (2002). Both of these singles also had an associated music video. They peaked in the UK Singles Chart at #46 and #52 respectively.Michael Woods' sister, Marcella Woods, is also a singer, known for her cooperations with Matt Darey on "Beautiful", "Liberation" and "U Shine On". Her vocals also appear on "So Special" (2005), which was the result of cooperation between Michael Woods and Judge Jules. She has also joined Michael with Out of Office and released their second single, "Break of Dawn", to follow up the 2007 single, "Hands Up".Michael produced the track "Changed the Way You Kiss Me" for singer & rapper Example which debuted at No.1 in the UK singles charts in June 2011.Michael Woods is currently managed by Three Six Zero Group.Selected discography2000: "Warrior" as Warrior (Incentive)2000: "Voodoo" as Warrior (Incentive)2001: "Into the Dawn" as Accadia (Lost Language)2002: "Blind Visions" as Accadia (Lost Language)2002: "Heaven Sent" as M1 (Inferno)2002: "Released" as Praetorian (Manifesto)2003: "If You Want Me" as Michael Woods featuring Imogen Bailey (Incentive)2003: "X" as Warrior (Incentive)2003: "Solex (Close To The Edge)" as Michael Woods (Free2air Recordings)2005: "So Special" feat. Judge Jules and Marcella Woods (Three8)2006: "Hit the Bricks" as Mike Hunt (Data Records)2007: "Hands Up" as Out of Office (with Marcella Woods) (Frenetic)2008: "Break Of Dawn 2008" as Out of Office (with Marcella Woods) (Frenetic)2008: "Dancing In The Dark" as Schwarzkopf (Cayenne)2008: "Natural High"2009: "Drop Zone / Made In South America"2009: "No More Waiting"2009: "Yemba / Wobble" (with Ant Brooks)2009: "Envolver / Black Strip"2010: "Domino's" (with Chris Lake)2010: "Dropzone (2010 Remix)"2010: "Dynamik" (mau5trap)2010: "Alchemy" (with Funkagenda)2010: "Nitro"2010: "Midnight Run"2010: "No Access"2011: "Banger" (with Mark Knight)2011: "First Aid"2011: "Front Line"2011: "What's What"2011: "Burned You Away"2011: "VMS"2011: "Fruitcake"2011: "Bullet"2011: "Last Day On Earth"2011: "Full Access"2011: "Let The Games Begin"2012: "Airborne"2012: "Warrior"2012: "IndepenDANCE"2012: "Goodbye" (with Sheldon featuring Polina)2012: "Nightfall" (with AN21 & Max Vangeli)2012: "We've Only Just Begun" (featuring Ester Dean)2013: "Black Thong" (with Chris Lake)2013: "Platinum Chains"2013: "Clanga"2013: "The Pit"2000: 666 - "D.E.V.I.L."2000: Tillmann Uhrmacher - "Bassfly"2000: Salt Tank - "Eugina"2000: Energy 52 - "Cafe Del Mar"2000: Solar Stone - "Seven Cities"2001: Humate - "Love Stimulation"2001: Mr. Phillips - "7th Day"2001: Dario G - "Dream To Me"2001: Xstasia - "Sweetness""2001: Delerium - "Silence"2001: Saints & Sinners - "Peace2001: Freefall feat. Jan Johnston - "Skydive"2002: Art of Trance - "Madagascar"2002: Rockik - "Memories"2002: Ian Van Dahl - "Try"2003: Lost Tribe - "Gamemaster"2003: Sonique - "Can't Make Up My Mind"2003: State One - "Forever And A Day"2003: iiO - "At The End"2003: Dejure - "Sanctuary"2004: Candee Jay - "If I Were You"2004: Deepest Blue - "Give It Away"2005: Matt Darey - "Liberation 2005"2005: Judge Jules - "So Special"2008: Energy 52 - "Cafe Del Mar" as 'Out Of Office'2008: Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield - "Bruised Water"2009: Lolene - "Sexy People"2009: Chicane - "Hiding All The Stars"2009: The Temper Trap - "Science Of Fear"2009: Deadmau5 - "Strobe"2009: Remote Control - "Kidz"2010: Way Out West - "The Gift"2010: John O'Callaghan - "Find Yourself"2010: Deadmau5 & Chris Lake - "I Said"2010: Meck ft. Dino - "Feels Like A Prayer"2010: Diagram Of The Heart - "Dead Famous"2010: Estelle - "Freak"2010: Hannah - "I Believe In You"2010: Kylie Minogue - "All The Lovers"2010: Patrick Hagenaar - "We Feel The Same"2010: The Ting Tings - "Hands"2010: Kaskade - "Dynasty"2010: Twin Atlantic - "Lightspeed"2010: Robyn - "Dancing On My Own"2010: Katie Melua - "The Flood"2010: Moguai - "Oyster"2010: Underworld - "Always Loved A Film"2010: Armin van Buuren feat. Adam Young - "Youtopia"2010: La Roux - "In For The Kill"2010: Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette - "Hello"2010: Alexis Jordan - "Happiness"2010: TJR feat. Xavier - "Just Gets Better 2010"2010: Ginuwine feat. Timbaland & Missy Elliott - "Get Involved"2011: Lady Gaga - "Born This Way"2011: Clashback - "Outset"2011: Calvin Harris - "Bounce"2011: Monarchy - "Maybe I'm Crazy"2011: Diddy Dirty Money - "Ass On The Floor"2011: Lady Gaga - "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion"2011: NO_ID - "How R U Feeling Right Now"2011: Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go - "Close To Me"2012: Nelly Furtado - "Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)"2012: Ferry Corsten feat. Aruna - "Live Forever"2012: Tiesto & Mark Knight feat. Dino - "Beautiful World"2012: Ostbahnof & Ugo Platana - "Evensong"2012: Paul Thomas & Alex Di Stefano - "Shining"2012: Stuart Brown & Flippers - "Wild Card"2012: Marina and the Diamonds - "Power & Control"2012: Cherry Cherry Boom Boom - "Come Back From San Francisco"2012: Calvin Harris feat. Example - "We'll Be Coming Back"2012: Siege & Sem Thomasson - "Balance"2012: Jed Harper, Dzeko & Torres - "Diamond Rings"2012: Reflections - "Prelude"2012: Jennifer Lopez - "Goin' In"


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