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Ismael Serrano

Ismael Serrano

Early lifeHe was born in the neighbourhood of Vallecas of Madrid (Spain) in 9 March 1974. After studying Physics in the Complutense University of Madrid, Ismael Serrano started his musical career in the early nineties in Madrid, singing folk based guitar music in a café circuit, at abashedly political venues like Libertad 8, Galileo and Nuevos Juglares. The movement proved to be very popular, inspired by the 20 year old ‘Protest’ song movement under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, as well as the Nueva canción movement of Latin America.Atrapados en AzulIn 1997 Ismael Serrano signed with Polygram (now Universal) and released his first disc: “Atrapados en Azul”, with songs such as "Papá cuéntame otra vez", "Vértigo" o "Amo tanto la vida" that became hymns for youngsters in Spain and Latin America. For this work he was nominated as ‘Best new artist” for the Spanish Musical Awards of the “Sociedad General de Autores y Editores”.Second and third recordsThe follow-up disc, "La memoria de los peces" (1998), increased his popularity (sales level for Platinum in Spain, Gold in Argentina). In his third production “Los paraísos desiertos” (2000) Serrano moved more to Jazz styles and African sounds. Two important music nominations for this work: Best Original Song for the Goya Movie Awards (The “Spanish Oscars”) for the song “Km.0” (of the feature with the same title) and Best Sound Engineering for the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards.Recordings 2002-2007New productions appeared in the following years: “La traición de Wendy” (2002), Principio de Incertidumbre” (2003, double live concert disk), “Naves ardiendo más allá de Orión” (2005) (phrase extracted from the final dialogue of the Blade Runner cult film), and “Sueños de un hombre despierto” (2007) pointing out Ismael Serrano as one of the main exponents of singer/songwriter trend in the Latin music world.Feature filmIn May 2002 Ismael Serrano participated in his second feature film “El corazón de Jesus”, a German-Chilean-Bolivian production written and directed by Marcos Loayza. Previously, in the year 2000, he sang the eponymous theme song at the close of the film Km. 0 - a romantic comedy of errors involving several sets of people who meet at, or otherwise have in common, Kilómetro Cero in Madrid.Retrospective (2006)In late 2006, 10th anniversary from the release of his first CD, a retrospective of his work was released as a double CD under the name "El Viaje De Rosetta" (in reference to the Rosetta (spacecraft)). This deluxe boxset contains a disc with all his singles, another disc with rarities, live tracks and collaborations, and a 48 pages booklet, and is also available in a single CD and DVD edition.


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