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Multiple bands are known as Wind. 1. West Coast 60’s inspired German psych rock band. Their first album "Seasons" (1971) is considered to be a little classic in the early days of progressive rock. It features complex epic songs within heavy rock, psych-spaced out proportions. "Morning" (1973) is a catchy collection of almost conventional heavy rocking songs. Without gaining the commercial success, the band split in 1973. The drummer Lucky Schmidt will pursue his career with the band Aera.

Albums Wind

19 played on Radionomy

  • Leb' deinen Traum - Unsere größten Hits (Set)

  • Wunderbar...A Dream Comes True

  • Schön war die Zeit - Die großen Hits der 50er & 60er Jahre

  • Das Beste

  • Blowing Home

  • Total verliebt

  • Heißes Herz

  • Nimm Mich mit

  • Morning

  • Greif Nach Den Sternen

  • Straight Line

  • Kein Weg zu Weit

  • Seasons

  • Sonnenklar

  • Winstärke 10

  • Frischer Wind

  • Spürbar nah

  • Mach' Mich An

  • Mit Herz und Seele