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Scarface (born Brad Jordan, November 9, 1970) is a rapper from the South Acres neighborhood in Houston, Texas, originally known for his work as a member of the Geto Boys. He has been a solo artist since 1991, becoming one of the most popular southern rappers in the business although maintaining ties to the Geto Boys. He is known for his sometimes unique and exaggerated voice and rapping technique.

Albums Scarface

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  • M.A.D.E.

  • The Last of a Dying Breed

  • The Untouchable

  • Mr. Scarface: Greatest Hits

  • Scarface - Greatest Hits

  • Scarface

  • The Fix

  • Last of a Dying Breed

  • My Homies

  • My Homies (disc 2)

  • Smile

  • Untouchable

  • Mr. Scarface Is Back

  • The World Is Yours

  • The Diary