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Mustafa Sandal


Mustafa Sandal, born January 11, 1970, commonly known as Musti, is a famous Turkish pop singer. He is fluent in English, Turkish, Italian and French. He emerged in the early 1990s with the revival of Turkish pop music and is the most successful pop singer in Turkey. Sandal is famous in Europe for his songs "Moonlight", "Araba", "All My Life", "İsyankar" and "İndir". Sandal released his debut album "Suç Bende" in 1994. It sold 1.

Albums Mustafa Sandal

12 played on Radionomy

  • Suç bende

  • Akisina Birak

  • Karizma

  • World Tour - Arabian Nights

  • KOP

  • Seven

  • Isyankar

  • Isyankar (feat. Gentleman)

  • Araba

  • Aya Benzer 2003 (Moonlight)

  • Detay

  • Golgede ayni