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Mando Diao


Mando Diao are a band from Borlänge, Sweden. According to the band, the name Mando Diao has no meaning at all, but rather appeared to band member Björn Dixgård in a dream. Their sound is influenced by The Animals and Oasis. The roots of Mando Diao date back to 1995 when Björn Dixgård was a member of a band called Butler. Band members came and went; four years later, the remaining line-up chose to proceed more seriously in their musical efforts. Björn Dixgård and Gustaf Norén locked themselves up in a summer house and spent six months writing songs.

Albums Mando Diao

35 played on Radionomy

  • Nothing Without You

  • Mean Street

  • The Quarry

  • The Malevolence Of Mando Diao

  • Mean Street EP

  • Dance With Somebody (Fight With Somebody)

  • Gloria

  • Give Me Fire

  • Dance With Somebody

  • Give Me Fire (Digital Version)

  • Train On Fire (Edited)

  • Absolute Music 56

  • Never Seen The Light Of Day

  • If I Don't Live Today, Then I Might Be Here Tomorrow

  • Wildfire (If It Was True)

  • Ochrasy

  • The Wildfire EP

  • Good Morning, Herr Horst

  • Long Before Rock'n'roll

  • Long Before Rock N Roll

  • TV & Me

  • Ode To Ochrasy

  • You Can't Steal My Love

  • Down In The Past

  • Paralyzed

  • Sheepdog

  • The Band

  • Motown Blood

  • Sweet Ride

  • God Knows

  • Hurricane Bar

  • Bring 'Em In

  • Clean Town

  • Paralyzed EP

  • Motown Blood EP