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Fox the Fox

Fox the Fox

HistoryFox The Fox, was founded by Tamaela and Musmin in 1981. Among the permanent members were bassist Gino Jansen, guitarist Kier Van De Werf, keyboardist Roy Kuschel, and drummer Tjalling Bos. Musmin wrote all the lyrics. Two years after founding the band they released "Flirting and Showing", which reached number 40 in the Netherlands and Germany. A year later they released the single "Precious Little Diamond", which reached fifth place in Germany and the United States, 11 in the Netherlands, 15 in France, 38 in Belgium and 86 in the United Kingdom. Subsequent singles and albums were not successful.The band split up after the departure of Tamaela in 1990. Sylhouette Musmin has retired from his music business and is now a practitioner of alternative medicine in Amsterdam while Bert Tamaela is still making music and his most recent act is called Beat-T.


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Precious Little Diamond


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