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Ariel Rot

Ariel Rot

Ariel Rot (born Ariel Rotenberg Gutkin in Buenos Aires, 19 April 1960) is an Argentine musician.He went to Spain when he was young and became a member of the group Tequila. Later he started a musical career alone, after which he became a member of the group Los Rodríguez (1990–1996).More recently he has returned to solo performing. His sister, Cecilia Roth, is a famous actress. In April 2007, Ariel records "Duos, trios y perversiones", an album including his most classical songs featuring friends like Enrique Bunbury from Heroes del Silencio, Andrés Calamaro or Quique Gonzalez.


Hot tracks

Ariel Rot - Tacones cubanos

Tacones cubanos


Ariel Rot - Hoja De Ruta

Hoja De Ruta


Ariel Rot - El mundo de ayer

El mundo de ayer


Ariel Rot, Loquillo & Leiva - Rock de Europa

Rock de Europa