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What happens when you mix passion, soul and an abundance of raw talent? You get Naomi, a multitalented singer, songwriter, producer, engineer and musician who has once said, "I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't a musician, I'd probably walk around like a zombie all the time". Naomi's profound sound and wide-ranging vocals put her in a category all on her own. With her unique voice and diverse style in music, Naomi is definitely a force to be reckoned with and offers a talent the industry's been longing for.Born and raised in New Jersey, Naomi grew up around parents and a family that loved music. She began singing around 2-years old, right around the same time her parents noticed how quickly she would memorize songs with only having to hear them once. "The very first song I ever sang was Take Me Out to the Ball Game," Naomi recalls. "My dad took me to a Yankee game and he said that on the way back from New York, I was singing that song over and over." "I had memorized the entire thing and I was only 2-years old!" After that, her parents would always sing with her and encourage her to sing and perform for them."In the beginning it was mainly Gospel music, Naomi says. "We would go to church every Sunday, and before and after service, my parents would leave the Christian channel on all day and I would sit in my living room, singing to every song that came on". At around 6-years old Naomi quickly began improving her talent when her father purchased a brand new stereo. They would listen to music for hours, her dad showing her all different types of music like Queen, Alice Cooper and Dolly Parton, which she says was the time her love for music deeply increased. "It was so exciting!" says Naomi with a smile. "I never wanted to leave that room, all I wanted to do was stay in there forever and just sing!". "I remember falling in love with Freddie Mercury's voice and wanting to be exactly like him." "It was the coolest thing and the music was absolutely amazing to me!" About 2 years later, her parents entered her in an all state Northern New Jersey Christian music competition, where hundreds of churches all across Northern New Jersey were competing for best solo and group act. Naomi went on to win 1st place and received recognition as being one of the best young gospel singers in all of Northern New Jersey. "From that day forward, she says, "I knew music is what I was put on this earth to do."Striving to reach more with her talent, Naomi performed all throughout high school, at pep rallies, basketball games, school shows and for a 9-11 tribute where she was asked to sing the National Anthem. She entered in another talent competition to raise money for a family who lost their house in a fire, in which she won 1st place again, and helped raise $500 for the family.Naomi is currently signed with independent record label No Bull Entertainment, recording with producer Renegade Beats, finishing up her debut album "Room 116".Although she is incredibly proud of everything she has accomplished so far, she knows there is still a lot of hard work ahead of her. "I've sacrificed so much to be where I am today and I feel I am not even close to where I want to be, but I do know I am very excited to see where this road is going to take me." "God has blessed me with this amazing gift and I am ready to share it with the world."


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