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Slug is the name used by multiple musical acts: (1) American hip hop artist Sean Daley, of Atmosphere; (2) South African trance artist Liam Gibbs; (3) a Los Angeles avant/noise rock band; (4) a Chicago-based trance/breakbeat producer; (5) a house DJ from the Shetland Isles, (6) a singer-songwriter from the UK and (7) a south american thrash-metal band. 1. Sean Daley, Slug, Atmosphere: Minneapolis, Minnesota isn`t exactly the ideal spot to try and maintain a career in hip hop, but somehow, Slug has managed to do just that.

Albums Slug

23 played on Radionomy

  • Edge - Compiled by Slug

  • Psionic Entity

  • Spiritual Rhythms of Psytrance Vol.1

  • Paul Is My Hero, Volume 1

  • Nordic Lounge, Volume 3

  • Block in the Box

  • Elemental

  • Don't Get It Backwards / Keep Steppin' / From Sunset

  • State of the World

  • Penguin Rebellion

  • Anticon Presents: Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop

  • Sean Likes Ugly Girls (disc 5)

  • Sean Likes Ugly Girls (disc 4)

  • Sean Likes Ugly Girls (disc 2)

  • Sean Likes Ugly Girls (disc 1)

  • Sean Likes Ugly Girls (disc 3)

  • Homework, Volume 1

  • 2001: Fatbeats la, Ca, USA

  • Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop

  • Headshots, Volume 5

  • Sauna, Volume 1

  • Swingers

  • Jabberjaw Compilation Good to the Last Drop