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La Renga


Argentinean rock band from Mataderos formed in 1988. They are pillars of the so called movement "Rock Barrial", which mix traditional "leftist" ideology, demagogics, 70s hard rock and mentions to football and the hoods. Originated in Mataderos, a humble quartier of Buenos Aires, they started playing small gigs in the neighbourhood but popularity brought by hits such as: "La Balada del Diablo y la Muerte", "La Razón que te Demora", "El Revelde" and put them in the headlines which ended up by playing in stadiums such as River Plate's - sanctuary for big foreign bands such as The Rolling Stones...

Albums La Renga

14 played on Radionomy

  • Despedazado Por Mil Partes

  • La Renga

  • La Esquina del Infinito

  • Bailando En Una Pata

  • Insoportablemente Vivo

  • Esquivando Charcos

  • A Donde Me Lleva La Vida

  • Detonador de Seuños

  • Despedazando Por Mil Partes

  • Detonador de sueños

  • Insoportablemente Vivo (disc 2)

  • Insoportablemente Vivo (disc 1)

  • Clasicos del Rock en Espanol

  • A dónde me lleva la vida