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La Renga

La Renga

La Renga is a hard rock and heavy metal Argentinian band, formed in 1988.They have a moderate success with the albums A Dónde Me Lleva La Vida and Bailando en una pata, between 1993 and 1995, but it was the release of Despedazado por Mil Partes, in 1996, that made them nationally famous.With the releases of La Renga in 1998 and La Esquina del Infinito the following year, they gained some international fame, touring and doing concerts in Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Spain, Mexico, the United States and other countries of Latin America. They have sold over one million albums and DVDs in Argentina.


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La Renga - Corazón Fugitivo

Corazón Fugitivo


La Renga - Mirada De Acantilado

Mirada De Acantilado


La Renga - Cualquier Historia

Cualquier Historia


La Renga - Montaña Roja

Montaña Roja