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Cabezones is an Argentine hardcore-alternative rock band.FormationThe band, originally from the city of Santa Fe, was formed in 1994. At first, their music was punk, with songs such as "Uniformado de Cagón", but they left that genre behind to start making so-called "hardcore-dark" music.In 1997 they released “Hijos de una nueva tierra”, which was published by the independent record label Mentes Abiertas, which they first met in a compilation album along with other alternative rock bands.Alas and Eclipse (Sol)In 1998 the band decided to move to Buenos Aires. Their new record, "Alas", produced by ex-Soda Stereo member Zeta Bosio, was edited by Sony Music later that year. This meant a change in the sound direction to a heavier and darker music. In 2002, "Alas" was edited in México followed by a ten-month tour throughout the country. Back in Argentina, Cabezones signed a recording contract with Pop Art to edit "Eclipse (Sol)" in 2003. By the end of that year, Leandro Aput was added as rhythm guitarist.Intraural and Jardin de ExtremidadIn 2004, the band released an EP called "Intraural", which was a selection of 6 songs from "Eclipse (Sol)" played in acoustic versions.In April 2005 "Jardin de Extremidad" is released with 12 new songs combining the sound of the two previous records, "Alas" and "Eclipse (Sol)". Billed as "Gira de Extremidad", the "Jardin de Extremidad" tour traveled throughout Argentina.On February 18, 2006 the band recorded its first live CD/DVD titled "Bienvenidos", with sold out tickets at a theater in Buenos Aires.Accident and DisbandIn March, 2006, a serious car accident left Catupecu Machu bass player, Gabriel Ruiz Diaz, hospitalized for several months. Cesar Andino was the passenger of the car and suffered two broken femurs, one of them an open fracture. After several months of rehabilitation, Cesar Andino was able to perform with Cabezones in the mythic Obras Sanitarias stadium, once again with sold-out tickets. Finally, near Christmas, Cabezones gave which would be the last show with the original members.In July 2007, Leandro Aput, Esteban Serniotti y Gustavo Martinez left the band. Frontman Cesar Andino, started seeking a solo career, which later ended in the release of the latest Cabezones album.New members and SoloOn September 29, 2007, Cabezones played in the Pepsi Music festival with new members, Leonardo Licitra and Pablo Negro in guitars, and Matias Tarragona in bass guitar.In May 2008 they launched their latest record, "Solo". The first single is called “Mi Reina”. The videoclip for this song included various members from other Argentine bands.


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