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DJ Vadim


DJ Vadim (aka Vadim Peare, real name Andrey Gurov) is a prolific DJ from Russia, based in London. His music combines hip hop and electronica and his recording technique involves very precise sampling as opposed to looping. He signed to Ninja Tune in 1992, and founded his own independent record label, Jazz Fudge in 1995. Aside from DJ-ing, he has worked in numerous roles including A&R, promoter, and radio presenter on the BBC's "Around The World In Eight Relays".

Albums DJ Vadim

10 played on Radionomy

  • U.S.S.R.: The Art of Listening

  • U.S.S.R The Art of Listening

  • Your Revolution / The Higher Standard

  • Your Revolution

  • USSR, Life From the Other Side

  • U.S.S.R.: Life From the Other Side

  • U.S.S.R. Life From the Other Side

  • U.S.S.R. Reconstruction

  • USSR Repertoire - The Theory Of Verticality

  • U.S.S.R. Repertoire (The Theory of Verticality)