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Monodeluxe is an Italian guy called Alessandro Oliviero. He was born in 1968 so he was lucky to spend his teenage years with Disco and P-Funk music of the time, getting involved in several music styles of the period. In those days he recognized that his favoured sound was R&B and Funky music rather than pop music etc. So he grew up with the very best artists such as George Clinton, Sos Band, Fadback etc.

Albums Monodeluxe

18 played on Radionomy

  • Extra Time

  • The Album (feat. Paola)

  • In-House Session Vol.2

  • In-house Sessions Vol. 1

  • Shifting Emotions Vol. 1

  • Urban Jazz Vol. 1

  • Comfort Zone Vol. 1

  • Stereo Vibes Vol. 1

  • Groove Lotion Vol. 2

  • House Attitude Vol. 1

  • Jazz Vibrations Vol. 1

  • Re-Jazz Vol. 1

  • Jazz Vibrations Vol. 2

  • Groove Lotion Vol. 1

  • Silk Grooves Vol.2

  • Get around with it

  • Moods Deluxe

  • So Far...