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Joy Kitikonti

Joy Kitikonti

Joy Kitikonti was born in Tuscany. He felt immediately a great passion for music when he was young, probably influenced by his father, a musician during 60's 70's. His career began in 80's, he was a self taught musician, skilful with the battery and percussion instruments. Joy is a polyhedric artist with several discographic successes, important partnerships and awards in his background. All these experiences made him the complete artist of today. His underground vocation comes from those boundary territories, where music means fun, not just money, where friendship among the artists goes further than the interests of the music industry. Joy has already released hundreads of tracks during the latest years, both under his real name and under different pseudonyms. Joy Kitikonti is a complete artist and he has a deep musical background, he's really appreciated by his collegues for his creative fantasy and his original sound. He's really requested also as remixer.LabelsWhist Records, Hooj Choons, Orion Music, Mindshake, Hell Yeah, Analytic Trail, Bluefin, Elp Medien, Natura Viva, Presslab, Mazoom Lab, Nervous, Footloversmusic and many more labels from 90's.ClubsSpace Miami, Amnesia (Ibiza), Privilege (Ibiza), Reflex (It) Florida 135 (Sp), Global Gathering (Uk), Godkitschen (Uk), Cocoricò (It), Matrix (Italy), Magazzini Generali (It), The End (Colombia), Red Zone (It) and many many more.


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