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Idlewild started out at a flat party in Edinburgh in 1995 where founding band members met and found common ground in musical tastes. The starting line up was Roddy Woomble, Rod Jones, Colin Newton and Phil Scanlon. Scanlon was soon replaced by Bob Fairfoull. Appearing in 1996 as an angry band of Scottish punks with Woomble of Carnoustie leading the band, Idlewild eventually achieved commercial recognition by refining their taste for large-scale guitar rock, and combining it with an apparently unknown gift for melody and tenderness.

Albums Idlewild

33 played on Radionomy

  • Make Another World

  • A Distant History: Rarities 1997 - 2007

  • Scottish Fiction: Best of 1997 - 2007

  • No Emotion

  • 100 Broken Windows

  • El Capitan

  • I Understand It

  • Warnings/Promises

  • Love Steals Us From Loneliness

  • Warnings / Promises

  • Dans de les Marionettes

  • The Remote Part

  • You Held the World in Your Arms

  • A Modern Way of Letting Go

  • Live in a Hiding Place

  • The Grand Ceili

  • American English

  • The Chalice Well

  • Roseability

  • These Wooden Ideas

  • Actually It's Darkness

  • Hope Is Important

  • Little Discourage

  • When I Argue I See Shapes

  • Black Oak

  • I'm a Message

  • Everyone Says You're So Fragile

  • A Film for the Future

  • Satan Polaroid

  • Captain

  • Chandelier

  • Queen of the Troubled Teens

  • Blarney Pilgrim