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Kosheen are a British trip hop, breakbeat and rock group based in Bristol, England. The trio consists of producers Markee Substance (born Mark Davies 1974, Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland) and Darren Decoder (born Darren Beale 1974, Bristol), with singer and songwriter Sian Evans (born 9 October 1973, Wales). The name of the band is a combination of the Japanese words for "old" (?, romanized transliteration 'ko') and "new" (?, 'shin').Resist (1999 – 2002)Their first album, Resist was released in September 2001 on Moksha recordings/BMG and reached number eight in the UK album chart. It spawned the singles "(Slip & Slide) Suicide", "Hide U" (covered by Suzanne Palmer the same year), "Catch", "Hungry" and "Harder". Resist was heavily promoted in the 2002 edition of the Nokia Game. A short loop of "Harder" could be heard from all parts of the game's virtual world.Kokopelli (2003 – 2005)Their second album, Kokopelli—released in August 2003 on Moksha recordings/Sony and named after a mythical Native American spirit—focused less on drum and bass beats and more on guitar riffs and darker-toned lyrics. It outperformed its predecessor in the UK album chart by reaching number seven and with single "All In My Head" also reaching number seven, but it did not sell as well as its predecessor.Damage (2007 - 2008)Their third album, Damage, released in Europe via Moksha/Universal Germany in March 2007. The UK edition of Damage, featuring two new tracks—"Analogue Street Dub" and "Professional Friend" (not included on the European edition)—was released via Moksha Recordings in September 2007. The first single from Damage, was "Overkill", and was released in March (Europe) and August 2007 (UK).Independence (2012 - 2013)Their fourth album is called "Independence" and first single was the song "Get A New One" followed by "Holding On" & "Mannequin" singles. Other confirmed songs on the album are "Sign", "Waste", "Spies", "Addict", "Harder They Fall", "Shut U Out", "Tightly" and "I Don't Need It". Kosheen DJs set up their own label Skeleton. First release 'Warning' was out on September 27. On 19 December 2010 was posted very first track "Belladonna" from upcoming album on their official FB page and 3 more tracks ("Waste", "Enter" and "You Don't Own Me") in remixing form on their Soundcloud page. On October 25, 2011, on their official Facebook page, Kosheen confirmed an album release in May 2012 and single on February 13. The second single is called "Holding On" & features Susie Ledge as the guest vocalist. An official announcement was made by the band on their official website that Independence was released at the end of September 2012.Solitude (2013 - present)On November 8, 2013, Kosheen debuted a video for a new song titled "Harder They Fall" as an introduction to their upcoming fifth studio album "Solitude". Four days later, the band uploaded the artwork to "Solitude" along with a release date of November 25, 2013.


Hot tracks

Kosheen - Hide U

Hide U


Kosheen - Catch



Kosheen - All In My Head

All In My Head


Kosheen - Wasting My Time

Wasting My Time


Kosheen - Overkill (Is It Over Now?)

Overkill (Is It Over Now?)


Kosheen - Resist