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Planet Funk


Planet Funk is an musical group, formed in 1999. Members are Sergio Della Monica, Alex Neri, Domenico 'GG' Canu, Marco Baroni, and Alessandro Sommella (the Ghost extra member), in addition to a series of guest singers in collaboration, like Dan Black, Sally Doherty, Raiz and John Graham. Their first single, "Chase The Sun", reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart in 2001 and is the popular advert break music for PDC darts which the crowd always joins in with.

Albums Planet Funk

10 played on Radionomy

  • Planet Funk

  • Lemonade

  • Static

  • The Illogical Consequence

  • Switch

  • Non Zero Sumness

  • Who Said (Stuck in the UK)

  • Non Zero Sumness Plus One

  • Inside All the People

  • Chase the Sun