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Perry Blake

Perry Blake

Perry Blake (born May 10, 1970) is an Irish singer and songwriter from Sligo, known for the delicate, downtempo, melancholic style of his songs and his soft singing voice.His 1998 self-titled debut album was very successful in the United Kingdom and won critical praise. His first single, "The Hunchback Of San Francisco," came from this album. His second release, Still Life, contained contributions from Steve Jansen, while his third album, California, was co-produced with Italian composer Marco Sabiu and featured Dickon Hinchliffe of Tindersticks.Blake is very popular in France, where his music was used for the soundtracks of the films Presque rien (2000) and Trois Petites Filles (2004).His musical influences include Leonard Cohen, David Sylvian, Scott Walker, and Nick Drake. He has collaborated with Françoise Hardy and wrote 2 songs for her award winning Tant de belles choses album. He's also worked with French electronic star Émilie Simon.Perry Blake is currently mixing an electronic Pop album under the name ESB {Electro Sensitive Behaviour} with longtime collaborators Glenn Garrett & Graham Murphy, whom he has collaborated with since his first album. esb's first single 'Michael Caine' is out on Reekus Records on April 5, 2013.


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