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Vargo is a project between singer Stephanie Hundertmark and producer/musician Ansgar Ueffink. based in Hamburg, Germany. Ansgar: "Vargo stands for many things that mean a lot to me. essentially, my aim is to create an atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing for the listener, an invitation to chill, to unwind, to let go completely. Somehow I seem to be able to achieve a certain profoundness, as many people tell me.

Albums Vargo

12 played on Radionomy

  • Erotic Lounge 4 : Bare Jewels (disc 2)

  • Ambient Lounge 8 (disc 2)

  • Café del Mar: 25th Anniversary 1980-2005 (disc 1)

  • Buddha-Bar VII (disc 1: Sarod)

  • Space Night, Volume 11 (disc 1: the Electronic Session)

  • Neue Heimat 4 (disc 2)

  • Erotic Lounge: Deluxe Edition (disc 1)

  • Café del Mar: Volumen Diez

  • Neue Heimat 2 (disc 2)

  • Café del Mar: Dreams Volumen Dos

  • Global Psychedelic Chill Out, Volume 2 (disc 1)

  • Precious