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SCSI-9 continue their odyssey through the oceans of electronica, this time together with longtime friends at Klik Records. Inspired by works of Jean Luc Godard and Arthur Rimbaud, Anton and Maxim steer their boat over deep and slow waters, presenting "Metamorphosis" - a new album featuring dark, bass-rich sound. While they still keep the passion for touching melodies, now the duo rediscovers their love for dub house and dub techno - and analog gear. Two tracks include formidable vocals from Vienna's singer Gregor Ladenhauf, well-known as Zanshin and part of Ogris Debris. The cover pictures come from one of Russia's most famous art photographer Mikhail Rosanov, who shot them during a recent expedition to Antarctica. With "Metamorphosis" SCSI-9 show a musical snapshot of today's reality and transmute their creative ideas into their 5th full-size album.


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