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Dave Edmunds

Dave Edmunds

David William "Dave" Edmunds (born 15 April 1944) is a Welsh singer, guitarist and record producer. Although he is primarily associated with pub rock and new wave, and had numerous hits in the 1970s and early 1980s, his natural leaning has always been towards 1950s style rock and roll.Early bandsEdmunds was born in Cardiff. As a teenager, he first played in 1954 with a band called The Edmunds Bros Duo with his older brother Geoff (born in 1940, Cardiff); this was a piano duo. Then the brothers were in The Stompers later called The Heartbeats formed in c 1957 with Geoff on rhythm guitar; Dave on lead guitar; Denny Driscoll on lead vocals; Johnny Stark on drums and Ton Edwards on bass. Then Dave and Geoff were in The 99ers along with scientist and writer Brian J. Ford. After that Dave Edmunds was in Crick Feather's Hill-Bill's formed in c 1960, with Feathers (Edmunds) on lead guitar; Zee Dolan on bass; Tennessee Tony on lead vocals; Tony Kees on piano and Hank Two Sticks on drums. The first group that Edmunds fronted was the Cardiff-based 1950s style rockabilly trio The Raiders formed in 1961, along with Brian 'Rockhouse' Davies on bass and Ken Collier on drums. Edmunds was the only constant member of the group, which later included bassist Mick Still, Bob 'Congo' Jones on drums and John Williams (stage name John David) on bass. The Raiders worked almost exclusively in the South Wales area.In 1966, after a short spell in Parlophone recording band The Image (1965–1966), with local drummer Tommy Riley, Edmunds shifted to a more blues-rock sound, reuniting with Congo Jones and bassist John Williams and adding second guitarist Mickey Gee to form the short lived Human Beans, a band that played mostly in London and on the UK university circuit. In 1967, the band recorded a cover of "Morning Dew" on the Columbia label, that failed to have any chart impact. After just eighteen months, the core of 'Human Beans' formed a new band called Love Sculpture that again reinstated Edmunds, Jones and Williams as a trio. Love Sculpture scored a quasi-novelty Top 5 hit by reworking Khachaturian's classical piece "Sabre Dance" as a speed-crazed rock number, inspired by Keith Emerson's classical rearrangements. "Sabre Dance" became a hit after garnering the enthusiastic attention of British DJ John Peel. The band issued two albums.Studio albumswith Love Sculpture:Blues Helping (December 1968)Forms and Feelings (January 1970)with Brewers Droop:The Booze Brothers (recorded 1973, released 1989)as Dave Edmunds:Rockpile (June 1972) (US #212)Subtle as a Flying Mallet (April 1975)Get It (April 1977) (US #209)Tracks on Wax 4 (September 1978) (US #202)Repeat When Necessary (June 1979) (UK No. 39, US #54)with Rockpile:Seconds of Pleasure (October 1980) (UK No. 34, US #27)as Dave Edmunds:Twangin... (April 1981) (UK #37)D.E. 7th (March 1982) (UK No. 60, US #46)Information (April 1983) (UK No. 92, US #51)Riff Raff (September 1984) (US #140)Closer to the Flame (April 1990) (US #146)Plugged In (August 1994)Hand Picked: Musical Fantasies (1999)...Again (November 2013)Live albumsI Hear You Rockin' (June 1987) (US #106)Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour" (May 1999)A Pile of Rock: Live (September 2001)"C'Mon Everybody Live" (Same Source of King Biscuit Flower Hour – May 1999)(January 2004)Alive & Pickin' (Canadian Mail Order Only)(February 2005)Compilationswith Love Sculpture:The Dave Edmunds & Love Sculpture Singles A's & B's – Harvest Heritage – EMI UK – 1980as Dave Edmunds:The Best of Dave Edmunds (January 1982) (US #163)The Dave Edmunds Anthology (1968–1990) (April 1993)From Small Things: The Best of Dave Edmunds (April 2004)The Many Sides of Dave Edmunds: The Greatest Hits and More (September 2008)UK #38


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