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Michel Delpech

Michel Delpech

CareerIn 1963, he had his debut release hit "Anatole" on Disques Vogue. In 1964, Michel Delpech met Roland Vincent, and a long singing songwriting partnership ensued with Delpech being signed to Festival French record label.In 1965, he took part in the music comedy Copains Clopant that had a 6-month run and made him very popular, particularly through his interpretation of "Chez Laurette". He was the opening act for Jacques Brel's goodbye concert at the Paris Olympia. In 1967, he collaborated with Johnny Stark. In 1968, he won the "Grand Prix du Disque" award for "Il y a des jours où on ferait mieux de rester au lit".Then he left Vogue to sign with Barclay Records. At the peak of his success, he recorded Wight Is Wight in tribute of Isle of Wight Festival, a famous rock festival on the Isle of Wight that became his best known song.The early 1970s brought separation from Johnny Stark for two years, and the end of the long collaboration with Roland Vincent, his first-ever writer. He had some new releases but with limited success. In the 1980s, he enjoyed a comeback and released the album Loin d'ici. A compilation album followed in 1989. He continued releasing albums and making concerts. In December 2006, he released an album of duets Michel Delpech and that topped the French Albums Chart for 1 week (week of 21–27 January 2007). He also engaged on a French tour.Personal lifeIn 1966, he met Chantal Simon whom he married. Later on the couple divorced, and Delpech suffered depression. He searched for relief in religions, mainly Buddhism and later the Catholic faith.In the 1970s, there were also many rumours about attempted suicides, but he denied these rumours in a later biography.In 1983, he met Geneviève Garnier-Fabre, a French artist and they got married in 1985.In 1990, he had a son, Emmanuel. He became a talented guitarist and joined his father in his concerts since 2007.In 2007, Pascal Louvrier wrote a biography about him titled Michel Delpech - Mis à Nu published on Editions Perrin.In 2011, he played the role of Françoit Gouriot in The Beloved (French title: Les Bien-aimés)In 2011, he was a guest of honor for the sixth season of Âge tendre et Têtes de bois broadcast in France, Belgium and Switzerland.


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