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Musical Youth


Musical Youth formed in 1979 at Duddeston Manor School, Birmingham, England. This pop / reggae influenced group, featured two sets of brothers, Kelvin and Michael Grant, plus Junior and Patrick Waite. The latter pair's father, Frederick Waite, was a former member of Jamaican group The Techniques, and sang lead with Junior at the start of the group's career in the late 1970s. Band Members: [+]Michael Grant - born on 6 July 1969, in Birmingham - Keyboards / Vocals [+]Kelvin Grant - born on 9 July 1971, in Birmingham - Guitar / Vocals

Albums Musical Youth

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  • Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord

  • Pass The Dutchie (Exclusive Version)

  • The Best of Musical Youth: 20th Century Masters/The Millennium Collection

  • Anthology