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Ryan Paris

Ryan Paris (born Fabio Roscioli, 12 March 1953, Rome, Italy) is an artist who gained international popularity in 1983 for the worldwide hit single, "Dolce Vita".
It was written and produced by Pierluigi Giombini.
Paris continued to release records in the mid-1980s and 1990s, but was not able to duplicate the success of his previous hit.
But from 2010 Ryan is back because a new song , written and composed by him " I wanna love you once again has become a " cult song " in the World of the 80s music.
At the end of 2010 he co-produced a remix of Dolce vita which peaked at number 54 in the official ( yacast ) club chart in France and in 2013 a new song " Sensation of love " composed and produced by Ryan peaked at number 15 in the official TOP 40 chart of selling CDs in Bulgaria .
For this song Ryan choosed a bulgarian singer but the " 80s version " of Sensation of Love coproduced by Ryan and sung by Ryan in duet with a female singer: Valerie Flor is actually ( March 2014 ) number 1 in more than 60 radios italo in the world and the vinyl auto-produced by Ryan with his new Label TENTACI√íN is already a " cult " in the world of the italo-disco with 3 of the 6 songs included in the vinyl at the top of the radio italo charts !!!!More about Dolce vita : The song was released in the United Kingdom on the Carrere Records label , distributed by RCA and spent ten weeks in the UK Singles Chart, peaking at Number 5.
With the new chart activity, Paris is not anymore a one-hit wonder.


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Dolce Vita