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The Weather Girls


The Weather Girls is an American girl group whose founding members were Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes Armstead. Izora's two daugthers Dynell Rhodes and Ingrid Arthur have continued the duo. They are best known for their 1982 hit "It's Raining Men". Although the group is considered a one hit wonder by the mainstream, they were previously known as Two Tons O' Fun, under which name they recorded the number 2 American Billboard Disco chart hit "Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven" (1980), the number 29 American R&B chart hit "Just Us" (1980) and their Hi-NRG hit song "I Got The Feeling" (1981).

Albums The Weather Girls

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  • The Woman I Am

  • We Can Stand Together

  • Double Tons of Fun

  • Totally Wild

  • Hallelujah! It's Raining Men and Other Gems

  • Weather Girls - Best Of

  • It's Raining Men

  • Success