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Nosferatu is an English gothic rock band formed in March 1988 by Damien DeVille, Vlad Janicek, and Sapphire Aurora.The band has performed over 300 concerts in 14 countries since 1988, including the Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany in 2011, 2009, 2006, 1999 & 1994; the NCN Festival in Deutzen, Germany in 2012; the Mera Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany in 2007 & 2002; the Castle Party Festival in Poland in 2011; the DV8 Festival in York in 2011 & 2010, England; the Judgement Day Festival Dornbirn in 2006, Austria; the Existence Festival in Valencia, Spain in 2006; the Vampiricon Festival in Duisburg, Germany in 2003; Sacrosanct Festival London in 1995; the Waregem Gothic Festival in Waregem, Belgium in 2010 and the Lumous Festival in Tampere, Finland in 2011.Damien DeVille is the only original member still with the band, and has written a book about Nosferatu entitled Vampyres Cry – The History of A Gothic Rock Band.Their albums, singles and DVD have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, making them one of the most successful second wave gothic rock groups.
Nosferatu released their latest studio album 'Wonderland' on March 7, 2011.


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