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The Bravery


The Bravery is an alternative rock band with electronic influences, formed in New York City in 2003. Their musical style has been compared to The Strokes, New Order and The Killers, amongst others. They are best known for three songs - 2005's "An Honest Mistake", 2007's "Time Won't Let Me Go" and 2008's "Believe". The band consists of Sam Endicott (vocals, guitar), Michael Zakarin (guitar), John Conway (keyboard), Mike Hindert (bass) and Anthony Burulcich (drums).

Albums The Bravery

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  • Stir The Blood

  • Slow Poison

  • The Sun And The Moon Complete

  • The Sun And The Moon

  • Time Won't Let Me Go (Remixes)

  • Time Won't Let Me Go Hit Pack

  • Time Won't Let Me Go

  • Fearless

  • Unconditional

  • Fearless (Remixes)

  • An Honest Mistake (Int'l ECD Maxi)

  • Unconditional (ep)

  • The Bravery

  • An Honest Mistake

  • Unconditional EP