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Trapt is an American hard rock band consisting of Chris Brown, Peter Charrell, Dylan Thomas and Robb Torres. The band was formed in 1997 under the partnership of Brown and Charrell. Trapt toured for years before being signed to Warner Bros in 2001. Their self-titled album went platinum with number 1 hits "Headstrong" and "Still Frame". Their second album didn't quite match the fire of its first but it was still a noteworthy contribution to their body of work. The single, "Stand Up", retained the band's signature rough exterior. After the release of the second album, Trapt left Warner Bros and signed with Eleven Seven, the label of Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue. Their first release with Eleven Seven was a record of live performances. The band went through a series of lineup changes for years with the only constants being Brown and Charrell. Rob Torres joined the band for their third album in 2008. "Only Through The Pain" hit Number 19 on the charts and received gold certification. The first single, "Who's Going Home with you Tonight?", was another radio success. In 2010, they released "No Apologies". It debuted at number 25 on Billboard 200. "Reborn" was the fifth and possibly most ambitious album as the band made it's first independent release. It was released in 2013. Dylan Thomas replaced the previous drummer for their 2013 album.


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