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Another Successful "Crowd Funded" Project For Angie ArsenaultThe last year has been a very busy one for Angie Arsenault, a transplanted Acadian breaking up and out of the Montreal scene via rural Prince Edward Island, Canada. Soon after having achieved her second crowd funded target in November 2010 on, Angie quickly got to work on the production of a new album as well as a short film featuring her new music.The new sounds mark an evolution from Angie's 2009 full-length debut "Once Upon a Dream", which was also a crowd-funded production. This time around, Angie steered her creativity to a new direction and decided to produce this new album herself, resulting in a mix of dark, industrial, pop sounds with an emphasis on rhythms and electronic noise, along with her signature melodic vocal harmonies."This is what it must sound like if you combine Nine Inch Nails with Tori Amos…"- Youtube user: DrumN00bShadow Revelations, the new album, was a two-phase release. A free digital EP of five songs was first released in April 2011, followed by the release of the full-length album in November of the same year. The album is currently available on Angie's web site ( if recording an album was not enough, in order to push the creative process further, Angie also produced a 23-minute short film, which features many of her new songs including the title track, Shadow Revelations. After many twists and turns, trials and tribulations, laughs, messes, tears, and hours and hours… and hours of hard work from the 18 cast and crew members over a 6 month period, the film was officially released in May of 2011 on Angie's web site, on Youtube and on Vimeo."An alternative portrayal of the manipulation and puppeteering of the artistic industrial machine.Sitting at her station, Angie begins to create a piece, depicting a dream she had; a revelation. As time goes on, an emptiness is felt in Angie's soul. As she struggles to find an ending, she suddenly realizes it's because she does not feel free to write what she really feels inside from her fear of being criticized and standardized by the artistic industrial complex. Angie needs to break free; free from the machine; free from the confinement and isolation; free from her mind…A love/hate relationship in a careful what you wish for fantasy…"Not many recording artists come out of the gate with a core group of fans, numbering in the several hundred, who believe so strongly in the artist's work that they are willing to pony up the costs of music production, and in 2009, Angie was one of the first ever Canadian artists to do so.In a remarkable feat, Angie was able to reach out directly to over 600+ fans from around the globe on the website and successfully "crowd sourced" the production funds required, not only once, but twice. A total of $50 000 was raised in 2008 for the production of her 2009 full-length debut, Once Upon a Dream and $15 000 was raised in 2011, for the Shadow Revelations album and short film project.With her experience and understanding of the "crowd funding" concept, and with her devotion to her fans from around the world, Angie has just launched a new musical project in collaboration with her family, inviting her followers to join in once again. -


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