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Mo' Horizons

Mo' Horizons

Mo' Horizons is a duo of DJs from Hannover, Germany. Their music can be described as a mixture of downtempo, acid-jazz, nu jazz, soul, funk, dub, trip hop, big beat, bossa nova, boogaloo and drum'n'bass. They first came to prominence on various compilation albums, including the Buddha Bar series. They are known for their extensive use of sampling and modern production techniques in Latin jazz. Also known for recording a Portuguese version of a classic hit Hit The Road Jack.Their tracks were remixed by many DJs, including Nicola Conte, Swag, Skeewiff, Bobby Hughes, Only Child and DJ Day.At their beginning, Mo' Horizons have been signed to the 'Stereo Deluxe' label. After releasing their fourth studio album, Mo' Horizons decided to create their own recording studio - Agogo Records. Currently apart from releasing own albums, they are looking for new talents from around the world, to help them with first releases.


Hot tracks

Mo' Horizons - Hit The Road Jack

Hit The Road Jack


Mo' Horizons - Remember Tomorrow

Remember Tomorrow


Mo' Horizons - Sunshine Today (Alan de Laniere Remix)

Sunshine Today (Alan de Laniere Remix)


Mo' Horizons - Superworld