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Alphawezen is a German electronic duo formed in 1998, consisting of Asu Yalcindag (vocals, lyrics) and Ernst Wawra (music).In the beginning, Alphawezen was an instrumental project, but with the first official album L'après-midi d'un Microphone (2001, Mole Listening Pearls) and with the co-operation of singer Asu it became a kind of ambient electronic pop music. Their style can also be considered as downtempo.In Anne Fontaines Film Nathalie... with Emmanuelle Béart and Gérard Depardieu (2003), the Alphawezen song "Gai Soleil" is used in a club scene. In October 2007, the third Alphawezen album Comme Vous Voulez was released at Mole Listening Pearls. In November 2009, the double CD Snow/Glow was released, including remixes by Nightmares on Wax and The Timewriter.A single entitled "Smile" has been released in August 2011.


Hot tracks

Alphawezen - Gai Soleil

Gai Soleil


Alphawezen - Gun Song

Gun Song


Alphawezen - Gai Soleil (Original Radio Edit)

Gai Soleil (Original Radio Edit)