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The Mexican band Reik formed in 2003 in Mexicali, Baja California. Its members include lead singer Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas and guitarists Julio Ramírez Eguía and Gilberto Marín Espinoza. After they recorded a few demos together, their music began to spread, particularly into Mexico in the club scene. Additionally, their music began to be featured on television, making its way to such channels as HTV and MTV. The group was nominated for four Latin Grammy Awards, one of which it won. Its first album was released in 2005. Entitled "Reik," it eventually went gold and continued to sell more copies as the group toured the United States. After the self-titled debut, the band released "Secuencia" in 2006, "Un Día Más" in 2008 and "Peligro" in 2011. The band has also released two live albums, "Sesión Metropolitana" in 2006 and "En Vivo desde el Auditorio Nacional" in 2013. One of Reik's moments of greatest public exposure came in 2013, when they performed at the MBLAQ concert in Mexico City and at the Seoul International Music Festival. The band has recorded many songs that were well-received by fans of Latin music. These include "Yo Quisiera," "Qué Vida La Mía," "Noviembre Sin Ti," "Niña," "Vuelve," "Invierno," "Me Duele Amarte," "De Qué Sirve," "Sabes," "Inolvidable," "Fui," "No Desaparecerá," "Voy A Estar," "Mi Pecado," "Peligro," "Tu Mirada," "Creo En Ti," "Te Fuiste De Aqui" and "Dame Tu Amor." While the band gained most of its following in Mexico, fans of Latin music in the United States have also taken well to their sound.


Hot tracks

Reik - Te Fuiste De Aqui

Te Fuiste De Aqui


Cristian Castro - Enamorados



Víctor Manuelle - Una Vez Más (Versión Balada)

Una Vez Más (Versión Balada)