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Anthony Kavanagh

Anthony Kavanagh

Anthony Kavanagh (born September 26, 1969 in Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada) is a Haitian-Canadian stand up comedian, actor, singer and TV presenter. After a successful career on the francophone stand-up scene in Quebec, he became a major star in France, where he is now a popular television host.Stand-up comedyHe presented his first stand-up comedy show, “Kavanagh!” across Quebec in 1995. The one-man show was a success and garnered rave reviews. The same year he received the outstanding new talent award at the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland. In December he once again opened for Celine Dion in Paris at the Paris-Bercy and Zenith arenas.In 1998, after taking a year to adapt and prepare his show “Kavanagh!” for France with famous French comedian Pascal Légitimus, he debuted in Lyon right in the middle of the soccer World Cup. Nevertheless, the show drew sold-out crowds, even turning away more than 150 people a day. In the fall he took up residence at Theâtre Trévise in Paris for seven months to sold-out audiences. After less than one year in France, he was asked to do four shows at the Olympia, the most prestigious theater in France. After 5 years, in 2003, he ended his Kavanagh! Tour after 500 shows in 7 countries and 250,000 DVDs sold.In 2008, after a five-year break from stand-up comedy, Kavanagh returned to the comedy stage with a new one-man show “” touring in Canada, France and Switzerland. A year later he returned to Théâtre du Gymnase with another new comedy show called “Ouate Else”. He took this show on tour across France and Switzerland in 2010.Kavanagh has since performed the one-man show “Anthony Kavanagh fait son coming out” at Bobino Theater in Paris and is currently on tour throughout France and the French-speaking world.Every year, since 2010, Kavanagh has hosted the “Grand Gala at the Festival Grand Rire de Québec” (a Quebec comedy festival which aired on the Radio-Canada network).Acting careerFollowing in the footsteps of Richard Gere on film and Usher on Broadway, Anthony Kavanagh was chosen in 2003 to play the lawyer Billy Flynn in the French version of the musical comedy Chicago in Montreal and Paris.In 1998, Kavanagh voiced the character Mushu for the French-Canadian dub of the Disney animated film Mulan. He also provided voice work in French for Home on the Range (2004) by Disney : Buck (French voice) ; Madagascar 1 (2005), 2 (2008) & 3 (2012) by DreamWorks : Marty the zebra (French and French Canadian voice) ; Happy Feet 1 (2006) & 2 (2011) by Warner Bros : Memphis and Lovelace (French voice) ; The Princess and the Frog by Disney (2010) : Ray (French and French Canadian voice).In 2006 Kavanagh launched the show “Les démons de l’Arkange” accompanied by the album by the same name. The show was a musical, a concert, and standup comedy show all rolled into one. The show debuted at the Grand Rex in Paris, and then moved to Théâtre des Variétés.French filmmaker Etienne Chatiliez gave him the leading male role in his 2008 film “Agathe Clery” in which he played Quentin Lambert, a French businessman.He played American GI Gary Larochelle in the Philippe Niang made-for-TV movie “Les amants de l’ombre” in 2009. It was a huge hit, attracting over four million viewers.Kavanagh took a supporting role in the mini-series “La Fille au Fond du Verre à Saké“ by Emmanuel Sapolsky which aired on Canal Plus in 2009. He played a gay French Canadian car designer living in Paris.This year for the new season of “Fais pas ci, fais pas ça”, (French hit TV series), Kavanagh guest starred as the new neighbour, sports agent Chris Lenoir.TelevisionSince 2001, TF1, the biggest television network in Europe and the most popular in France, has invited him to MC the “NRJ Music Awards” (equivalent to the MTV Music Awards) six years in a row. He welcomed major French and international stars like David Guetta, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, U2, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Coldplay, Madonna. His charisma, outstanding presence, and combined North American and French culture helped make this show a must-see annual showcase to this day.In 2006, he hosted numerous primetime French TV shows on France 2 television network – “The Dancing Show”, “Fête de la Musique” and the “Symphonic Show” and the renowned «Night of Proms» orchestra.Kavanagh also returned to television in 2010 as host of a show he co-wrote and co-produced called “Nous avons les images”, broadcast on Comédie Channel in France and Super Écran in Canada.Various Shows2010 : Anthony Kavanagh fait son coming out2009 : Ouate Else2008 : Anthonykavanagh.com2006 : Les Démons de L’Arkange2003 : Chicago, the musical - Billy Flynn1995-99 : Kavanagh !


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