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Volker Kriegel

BiographyA self-taught guitarist, Kriegel began playing when he was fifteen and formed a trio three years later that won an award at a 1963 amateur jazz festival.
In 1973 he founded Spectrum, a quartet that included Eberhard Weber, among others.
In 1975 Kriegel spent a month teaching for the Goethe Institute, an organization he worked for at various points throughout his career.
In 1976 Spectrum broke up, and Kriegel started another band called the Mild Maniac Orchestra which stayed together in to the 1980s.In 1977 Kriegel became the partial owner of a label called Mood Records.
He also performed as a sideman for various musicians, including Klaus Doldinger.
In addition to music, Kriegel was also a cartoonist who appeared in several German newspapers, a radio broadcaster, and a director of films and author of books related to music.


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