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There are two musical acts with the name Gentlemen: 1) Gentleman (born Tilmann Otto, 1975 in Osnabrück, Germany) is a Reggae musician of German descent. Gentleman resides in Cologne, but sometimes names Jamaica as his home away from home. He is the son of a Lutheran pastor. He is a father of two children, Samuel and Tamica, and is currently dating Tamika, a background singer of the Far East Band, which accompanied him on his first concert tour of Germany in 2002.

Albums Gentleman

12 played on Radionomy

  • Diversity

  • It No Pretty

  • Another Intensity

  • Send a Prayer

  • Intoxication

  • Confidence

  • Superior

  • Gentleman and the Far East Band LIVE (disc 1)

  • Gentleman and the Far East Band LIVE (disc 2)

  • Dem Gone

  • Journey to Jah

  • Trodin On